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  1. i saw yur comment on one of the websites asking for information about indian sastras.....i think this link would help u analyse more....
    kindly brief me up abt y u r searching for indian sastras

    1. Hello Mukund! Thank you for taking the time for sharing this info with me! Your link is interesting. In fact, I am interested in ancient Indian texts. So, your text is most welcomed. The letters are looking weird, so, in order to be able to properly read the text, I had to download it. I did not knew about Indian sastras before, so it is something new for me. Anyway, as I told you, I am interested in ancient Indian literature because they are mostly religious and/or philosophical texts. And I am studying Philosophy. Some of the oldest school of thought are born in India, so it is logical to be interested in it. :-)

    2. Correction! After a brief reading of the text you've send me, I came to the conclusion that I knew about the Hindu sastras, but I did not knew that they are called this way. :-)

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  2. am scris ceva dar am fost intrerupta..cerindu-mi-se contul de gmail..se vede ce am scris..? scrieti-ne la ro_m_league@yahoo.com, ca la office@romanianculture.us nu putem intra..trebuie sa sun sa vad ce se intimpla..dar mai intii uitati-va la www.romanianculture.us , mai ales la Internship..poate ca ne puteit ajuta cu unel lcururi..sua stit pe altii, va rog scrieti-mi pe direct ca sa va trimit atasmente..la comtul de google nu mai uit maideloc..nu am timp

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  4. How I logging as root in the console Zorin?


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