Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Because every blog has to begin somehow...

I must admit that I have postponed a lot this first blog post. I did not have the time, the internet connection, the device or... the courage to actually start this blog, although I have created it long ago with a a very distinct purpose in mind.

Well, let's not rumble! First thing is first! I am Cristiana Nicolae and, I intend to write here about things I like (or dislike), my hobbies, thoughts and interests. And there are plenty of things I am interested in, so, I am not expecting to create a "niche"-focused blog, although most of my posts will gravitate around internet and IT world. Is no use to say now what I like or not - it would be just a long boring list - all I wont to say is that I enjoy music (like most of the people), books (like few people), I do eco-volunteering (like "crazy" people), and I study IT-related stuff (like "geeky" people).

I live in Romania, I am Orthodox Christian with a quite philosophical, sometimes controversial, perspective over life and theological ideas. I enjoy reading and studying about religion, myths, customs and all that stuff that it is usualy gathered under names like: cultural anthropology, compared religions, ethnology, ethnography, linguistics etc. But I'm aware that I am not an expert in these, just a hobbiest.

Speaking of studies, I have studied Philosophy-Sociology at the University of Craiova many years ago, and my interest in these field remained quite high, despite the fact that many times I was overwhelmed by mundane things.

Being a Romanian, my native language is, obviously, Romanian. So why a blog in English? Well, for several motives. One is that I wont to improve my English and I don't wont to allow it to get rusty. There are also my friends from the online and offline world who have asked or inspired me to do this blog. And there is also a special feeling when you write on the internet in other language than yours. It is like punting a message in an empty bottle and letting it on the sea, I don't know if Ican explain the feeling.

There is also the need to give back something, because many times I've learned interesting useful things from people from all around the world. And I could learn from them just because they had the gentleness to share their knowledge by using an international language.

I must apologize for my English and for my accidental typos. Even if my English isn't without flows, that is not a serious reason not to use it. If I'll stop using it, then it is a sure thing that it will remain imperfect and sooner or later I would forget it entirely.

I'm sure that I have forgot something to say in this introductory post, but I'll write it in some other post. There is time!


I have posted this from my Android tablet by using an app. Let's see is all these work!

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