Monday, September 16, 2013

How to update PlayOnLinux from command line (first part)

I will assume that you have Zorin OS linux installed on your PC like I have. In case you don't have, I hope that my articles dedicated to this linux distribution, that I intend to write on my blog, will convince you to try it, or, at least, it will help you just to make an idea of how Zorin OS works.

Today I wont to talk a little about PlayOnLinux. If you don't know yet, PlayOnLinux is an app that gives you the opportunity to run on Linux the programs that you like to use under Windows. For example, you can run popular games, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc. I am not going to talk today about how to actually do that because it is a vast subject.

Today I just wont to talk about how to update this app by using the comand line. Yes, that means writing an abracadabra line in Terminal :). In order to illustrate that, I will use my own experience with it (be it good or bad – the experience I mean).

Ok, so, after installing Zorin on my netbook, after updating and upgrading it, I have decided to give a try to PlayOnLinux. For my puzzling surprise, I saw that on startup of this app, I was prompted by a message telling me that there is a newer version of PlayOnLinux. Apparently, the usual update and upgrade of Zorin wasn't enough to upgrade PlayOnLinux to the next version. That made me wonder why and how could I fix it. After a google search I have found some (not so important) explications on a forum, and also, and more important, advices related to the actual way to update PlayOnLinux from command line.

I have followed the advices and here is how I did and happened...

First, I went to The download page of PlayOnLinux. Then, in the list I clicked on Ubuntu (Zorin being based on Ubuntu), and then, I have selected the code lines under the "For Precise version" title (Zorin being based on Ubuntu LTS Precise Pangolin). Then I pressed Ctrl+C

To update PlayOnLinux on Zorin OS, just select and copy the codes for Ubuntu Precise Version in PlayOnLinux download page

Then I open my terminal (Ctrl +T) and do right-click and paste. (Note: I don't know why, but I have observed that in Terminal doesn't work Ctrl+V!)

Paste the code into the Terminal with right-click + paste, not with Ctrl+ V because it will not work!

Then I press Enter and write the password (asking for the password for every change is something specific to Linux, and if you have installed Zorin on your system, you know what I mean!). Note: When you start typing the password, the text will not show itself, so don't worry if you don't see any letters or dots on the screen!

Press Enter and type the password. The password will remain invisible.

After that, a bunch of lines are scrolling rapidly in the terminal. At a certain point, I am informed that playonlinux will be updated. I press enter when I am asked to. All this ends when inside the terminal window appears the last line.

These are the screeshots.

PlayOnLinux updating...

PlayOnLinux updated

And that's all!  Well, almost. In the next article I'l tell about some other problems related to PlayOnLinux. Sorry, but right now I don't have the time to write about it.

Only one interesting observation:

Before the update, you can find PlayOnLinuxby following the path:

Start - All Applications - Wine

But after the update PlayOnLinux will be found on:

Start - All Applications - Games

Don't ask me why it migrates this way. It's a mystery for me too! :)

PlayOnLinux logo and icon

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