Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Facebook app - short review

Facebook app for Android
 My wi-fi connection is now, finally, working, so I will be able, starting from today to talk a little about the Androida pps that come to my attention. In order to do that properly, I will use, of course, the tablet and a specially designed app. This is my first elaborate attempt, so I am curious about the final result.

But before I get to the point, I want to apologize for my lack of activity on this blog. Some of my friends and and readers know, some of them don't, but I have had a lot of problems lately one of them was, until recently, my wi-fi connection - for some mysterious reasons, it simply did not worked. But after several attempts to solve the things and a lot of phone calls to my internet provider - RDS - my technical problems disappeared and with the help of one of friends, the wi-fi started to work like charm.

But let's get back to the subject. Today I wont to talk a bit about a quite popular Android app. It is about Facebook app. Well, you may be surprised and puzzled to find out that I am not talking about t because I have used it on my tablet but because I wont to get read of it. Yes,you got it well, I wont to uninstall it. My tablet is a cheap one, so it doesn't have much memory. In order to free some more I need to get read of the apps I don't use. Yes, you got it right again, I don't use Facebook app. I am a Facebook user but I prefer the web site. Facebook is a magnet to hackers already, Android apps - as well - so why risking? Last year, a friend of mine got his FB account hacked because of his smart mobile app. Besides of that, Facebook app occupies a lot of space on my tablet, it is very heavy on resources. So this is in short, my opinion about it.

Later edit (21 November 2014): This post was written using an Andoid app and then enhanced and corrected from inside Blogspot.

Facebook app can be found at the link below.


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