Friday, February 14, 2014

A poem I wrote today, 14 February 2014...

 I'm not very much into Valentine's Day, as it is a borrowed celebration, not a local one (by "local" in this case I mean genuine Romanian).

Still, I, somehow, hold this date as being an important one, for some personal reasons which don't make the subject of this post.

Anyway, maybe due to this reason, or maybe due to the divine will, this morning I woke up with these verses in my ears. I did not get the chance to entirely refresh myself, and the first 8 verses were already written in my mind. The next four one came soon after, in the same smooth manner.

I must admit that this kind of high level of poetic inspiration did not paid me visits since long time, maybe due to my long, deep, and frequent depressions. In these circumstances, when the muse enters our door she should be treated respectfully. And I also think that it is not just a coincidence the fact that I received these verses today without having to do much effort. So, I wont to write it here, and maybe, in the future, I'll write other poems that I wrote or I will write.

Unfortunately, for my English speaking readers and visitors, this poem is written in Romanian, my own native language. For now, I don't have any English translation/version of it, although I think it would be a good idea. But, as we all know, translating a poem is not that easy, and, as far I'm concerned, I'm not sure yet that I can do it properly. But I keep that in mind for the future.

Till that time, I apologise to my English readers asking them to use the so-hated Google Translate or any other translating tool they like.

The poem is called "Cel-ascuns..." meaning "The-hidden-one...".


              by Cristiana Nicolae

Cuvintele îmi pier,
Trăirile îmi seacă
De când auzul tău
Spre mine nu se-apleacă.

Rostește doar o vorbă,
Și gândul va înflori,
Și râul de lumină
Din suflet va țâșni!

Ascultă și vorbește-mi!
Atâta mi-e de ajuns
Ca să ajung la tine,
La tine-cel-ascuns...

I have given his poem as an offering...

Update on 19 February 2014

I have also published this poetry here, on the Ning Web called Însemne Culturale, and I did a small correction of the text according the advice I have received on that website. Very useful feedback I got on those Ning Websites!

Aside of that I have also published the poem on the following sites (the more one uses, the more chances to get usefull feedback) : here on Negru pe Alb (a Ning website), here on Amprente Literare (a Ning website), here on and and here on my Weebly personal website.
I changed the title of the post on this blog.

Last update: Monday 10 March 2014
Poem published here on Rețeaua Literară (a Ning website called Literary Net).
I have forgot to mention last time that, the poem was, also published on my blog from Însemne Culturale (another Ning-based cultural website).

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