Sunday, February 16, 2014

My 3rd poem with dedication...

Fortunately, the muse visited me in the last few days. Here is another poem I wrote yesterday, 15 February 2014.

Like the previous one, it is written in Romanian language. And it is with special dedication...

Although I don't translate it yet, I can translate the title: "De-a fost răul" meaning, in a raw translation "If the source of evil was..." or "If the evil was from...".

De-a fost răul

                   by Cristiana Nicolae

De-a fost răul de la mine
Chiar acum mă îmbrac în sac.
De-a fost răul de la tine,
Eu în bine îl prefac.

De-a fost răul de la lume,
Multă-i vorba de vorbit!
De-a fost răul de la demon,
Am în cruce un cuțit.

De-a fost răul de oriunde,
Din tăcere, din cuvânt,
Nu-i puterea lui mai mare
Decât dorul pe pământ!

Update on 19 February 2014

I have also published this poem on my Weebly personal site, on my page
and on my Negru pe Alb page (on Ning). Once again, the Ning-based website offered me feedback very quickly.

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