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Resolutions on 2014

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So, here we are! The new year 2014 has already walked its first 13 steps. Hopefully, they are lucky steps, and the rest of them will be even luckier.

This post is my first one on this blog in this year. So, I think it is best to write down several goals for this year (or resolutions, as they are often called).

Every new year brings with it mixed feelings: melancholies and regrets, but also hopes and the will to make new plans for the future. It is always hard to gather together all the plans one person can make, and to sort out which of them are the most important. But, making a list of them can help keep one focussed and, also brings other psychological and practical benefits.

But I don't wont to waste too many words, so I'll cut it short.

1. Writing on this blog
Last year, several problems have kept me from writing on my blog on a regular basis. But in 2014, I wont to put those worries behind and also to fight with procrastination. Writing here, on this blog, helps me put some order in my thoughts, improve my English, communicate with people, and share to the world same of the things I discover, like or dislike, do or think. In so many years, I have received a lot, now is time to give it back to the world.

2. Getting a new job
And this time, a paid one! In one of my first posts on this blog, I have mentioned shortly, that I had a new job. Well, not any more! Because, at the end, it turned out to be nothing but a scam. I can't find any explication for the fact that, now, in January 2014, I still wait my payments for the work I did in my last autumn as OpenCart Administrator and, also for my activity as inbound call operator which I did till December 2013.

So, in my new year, I wont to get my money from that conman (if he doesn't like to be called like this, he should pay his employees with money, not only with praises and promises.) And I wont to get a real job, I mean, one which is paid for. Of course, I target the PC-related jobs, so I can learn more in this field.

So my goal is to let the desolations of the past behind and look for the dream job with open mind and open hart, but also, with more caution. I was so hurt by my boss's behaviour, than I got very depressed. This is why I lost the will to write on this blog or to do other things. But I will  no longer let that happen!

3. Do freelance
I think freelance can be a good  "addition"  or even alternative to the "classical" job. When I have noticed that things at my job smell fishy, I have started to take into consideration the idea to work from home as freelancer. I think that freelance is something that suits me best as I need (for now) to stay at home, and also I am very much attracted by PC-related stuff.

4. Pay my expenses
Well, that's logically connected to the above mentioned goals. Paying ones debts is the necessary step to do before making new plans.

5. Improve my English
One good way to do that is to write here, on this blog. At first, I was very shy because I know that my English is not so good. But now I realise that practice makes perfect, and if I don't use it - be it good or bad - my English will get rusted.Besides, I think I write intelligible enough. Till now, I had no complaints from my English-speacking pen-friends and forum fellows.

Another good way is to read books in English. I have a lot of books, but so little time because I spend my time reading tutorials (which are in English most of them, but they are not belletristic) . So, this year, I'll have to find time to read more books in English.

6.Revive my French
I know French. I used to create short stories in French while I was in my high school years. Children from other classrooms used to come to me to do their homework at French. And I had a high mark at Baccalaureate (9.50 or 10, I don't remember exactly).

But now, when I try to use this language again, it is very very hard as I have forgot a lot of it and I'm not sure anymore about my knowledge in this field. Language can get very rusty if you don't use it. And I did not used my French since years. So, I'll have to give it a "refresh" and one good way is to start reading French books. And, if I can find a French-speaking pen-friend, that’s even better!

7.Learn Greek
That's an older goal. I have started learning this language about 4 years ago, but then, I had to abandon it. Now I wont to restart it. I was always interested in Greek because it is the language of an old civilisation that gave a lt to us: the idea of democracy, philosophy, the artistic ideals, the Olympic Games, the mythology (with its long reverberations in art, music, literature or astronomy) and the higher concepts in the Christian Orthodox theology.

(Let's face it: if it were not for the elevated, civilised and refined Greeks, the Christianity would still have today the primitive ideas of shipmen and cattlemen Jews of the Old Testament. The Byzantine spirit is the one who transfigured Christianity. And the Mount Athos is the "upgraded" version of Olympus, only that, this time, it is populated not by gods, but by mortals who aspire to bring godlikeness inside themselves).

Ok, I see that I get carried away. I'd better get to the next point!

8.Learn Hindi
Like in the Greek language case, it is about learning a new alphabet/scrypt. In fact, despite the fact that they are spoken in totally different countries situated in two different continets in different parts of the world, the two languages (and their civilisations) share several things in common.

First of all, like I have said, learning them implyes learning to read and write in non-Latin characters. Then, they are both the direct daughters of very old languages - Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. Both Greece and India are - in their own specific ways - the nests of numerous philosophical schools, and their cultures have influenced their continents. Learning Neogreek and Hindi opens the gates to their mother-languages and the old civilisations, and who knows what surprises can that bring!

9. Do volunteering
I'll continue my activity in Let's Do it Romania! organisation and in other places on the internet. Only this year, I think I'll slow down a little because I need to save my energy for a while.

10. Improve my PC-related skills
That means mostly to study more Linux, of course! :-) And also to learn a lot of other things, too many to enumerate them here...

11. Socialise more (offline)
The entire situation has kept me from socialising with my friends when I wonted to talk with them or to be with them. And this is not a good thing because some of them may become upset with me. And is not good either, because I need them to recharge my batteries. And, I hope, they need me too for the same reason... :-)

As I have said already, this list could be longer, but I think it is long enough for now, and the goals are too complex themselves. If I get them, is good enough...

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