Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coreboot - Alternative to BIOS

Coreboot Logo - open source alternative to BIOS
Coreboot Logo
Today, in my wandering on the Internet, I have discovered something interesting - an alternative to BIOS! It is called Coreboot, and, apparently it is still in development stage.

Anyway I'm glad that the ugly UEFI has a good reason to tremble! :-) I remember how hard it was for me to install Zorin OS on my netbook, because of UEFI and the new changes in BIOS. I still a grudge against UEFI since that day! :-)

Anyway, coming back to Coreboot, it was - according to Wikipedia, - formerly named LinuxBIOS (hehe!) and it is "a free software project endorsed by The Free Software Foundation" and it is "aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS firmware found in most computers with a lightweight system".

Coreboot it is listed on High Priority Free Software Projects on Free Software Foundation site, and it has already a "cousin" distro called SageBIOS.

This world of BIOSes looks very interesting. I'm not yet prepared to enter it, but I can do hope that in the future I'll have the chance to play a little with this new "free open source BIOS".

Bellow is a screnshot of Coreboot stolen from the official website. :-)

Coreboot screenshot
Coreboot (image from the official site)


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