Thursday, January 30, 2014

When the technological - and not only - bad luck invades your life...

Bad luck in all the fields
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 It seems to me that bad-luck has been following me since my last post on this blog. Most of this bad luck is tech-related, but it comes also in other "flavours" too. And, the strange fact is, that it occurred daily, one bad thing at the time. I'm not sure if I should believe in something occult behind this, but one thing is sure: all these happenings contributed to my general depression and my reluctance to socialisation. And I do have a lot of things to solve now, and it will often be costly.

Still, we can say there is a good part in all this: Now I have some interesting "material" for my future posts and maybe the things I'll tell about here, will be helpful for others.

That been said, this is my partial list of bad lucks.

Sunday, 19 January, 2014 - I have discovered that my beautiful ladybug-shaped mouse is not working any more.  It was almost new, I have bought it in September 2013 especially for my netbook. It is manufactured by Konig Computers.

Monday, 20 January 2014 - A Windows XP system broke my Evolio Evotab 3 tablet forcing its Andoid OS to reverse to the factory settings. Very unpleasent and "eventful" experience! Since that day I no longer trust Windows!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 - After repeated and unfruitful attempts to create a live flash drive (and I'm an experienced user of live flash drives), I have noticed that my new, expensive and almost unused Kingston 8G flash drive is - you guess it - broken.

...The following days I had several personal problems, my gradmother's health got worse, etc...

...Then, just when I was thinking that all is over, it happened again:

Saturday, 25 January 2014 - I have noticed that the USB male-to-male cable which connects my netbook with my Serioux external cooler is seriously broken near the extremities and needs to be replaced. The cable was badly affected by its position (the USB hubs are quite ill-placed one to the other). And I think the plastic is quite low quality although it came in the box along with the cooler, and the Serioux brand is considered to be one of the top.  The cable is as old as the mouse as it was bought in last September too.

Sunday, 26 January 2014 - Now comes the tough one! My netbook battery broke too! And, like in the previous cases, it was barely used. In fact, I mainly use my netbook connected to the power. There are very rare cases when I did used my netbook battery. I must say that even from the very beginning, my Eee PC Seaschell series netbook had a very short battery life : 2 hours the most. Only one time it happened to have about 2.30 hours, although the official blah-blah promises about 4 hours autonomy. Well, as I can clearly see, that autonomy was now reduced to zero although apparently, the battery is fully charged. I don't like the idea of having to buy another one every 4-5 months! And this is even more annoying as I know I was very careful with the battery and I did respected all the advices the specialists give about keeping the battery "longevity".

Well, that's about all for now. I do hope that nothing bad will occur in the future days. I have a lot to solve already.

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