Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Connection refused" on Yahoo Romania

Yahoo Connection Refused
Yahoo Romania: Connection refused
Tuesday, 4 February 2014, in the evening, while I was trying to see my emails, I got some unexpected and inexplicable errors and, after a page refresh, all I could see were only two words on a white page: "Connection refused".

As showed in my screenshot, this problem has happened with the Romanian Yahoo portal. But also it affected Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News.

I have noticed that it did not affect Yahoo Answers. I can't say if the Messenger was affected as I was not connected at that time. But I guess it did not worked either.

I have tried to open using several different browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium and Midori, but with the same result. All the other websites were looking OK, all the other pages were loading fine, so I think it is not a local connection problem but it is something odd happening with Yahoo.

The problem lasted for about one hour and when, finally Yahoo portal was back, all I could see was the American version. Usually, when I type in the address bar I am redirected to which is the address of Yahoo Romania. This time, still, all I could see was the English version which I guess it means that Yahoo Romania "recovered" much later.

I can't tell when Yahoo Romania was back online as I did not had the patience to wait and see, but I guess it did took a while. And I also guess this was quite a serious problem.

I did a search on the internet about all this. Apparently Yahoo has an entire history of such issues. I'm not sure if I should feel relieved thinking that this also happened to others before, or I should be worried because such a giant as Yahoo seems to be unreliable.

Anyhow, bellow is a short list of OLD articles about the problem I experienced recently.

06 July 2007 - Yahoo down
08 April 2009 - Connection refused by Yahoo Mail
14 Octombrie 2010 - Yahoo Down (article on
14 Octombrie 2010 - Yahoo Down (article on


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