Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Phantom Planet (1961) - a short review

The Phantom Planet (1961)
Yesterday, I have found an old classical movie on YouTube : The Phantom Planet and I really enjoyed watching it. Let's admit that old films are not always very attractive. "Old" doesn't necessarily mean "goldie". But this one really deserves attention. I think I'll explore more this old Sci-Fi universe.

Anyway, bellow is the review I wrote for this movie on

I must admit that I did not watched an old Sci-Fi movie since long time, so, maybe I'm not what they call an expert in classical movies. I am the child of my times, so I'm used with the new wave of Sci-Fi movies, full of action and special effects.

Still I enjoyed this classic film and I think is worth viewing. You can find a bit of everything in this movie.

The dream of nuclear power as fuel for rockets. Some kind of Gulliver among the people of Liliput. The highly advanced civilization who gives up to the comfort of technology (and all the dangers that comes with it) to live a simple "primitive" life. A touch of Ancient Greek fashion style in the dress models of the main feminine characters. An echo of Feminism: female juries wearing short dresses. And at the end, the somehow blurred line between what is real and what is not.

The "special effects" and the general style reminds me of Star Trek TOS. And just like in Star Trek, the monster aliens look unconvincing. But we should admit that the creators of this movie did their best for that time. I could point out some goofs, but I some understanding and just enjoy this classic!

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