Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to install gbrainy game on Zorin OS

Gbrainy is teaser game, that means, it aims to improve user's memory, attention, and, generally, to increase mental skills.

For non-Linux users and curious linuxists, there is a way to play gbrainy online (requires signing up using an account on one of the major social networking sites).

But this blog post aims to show step by step, with images, how to install gbrainy on Zorin OS using the Software Center app. This is how I have installed the game on my system.

Follow the path:

Start - All Programs - Accessories - Software Center

This will open the Ubuntu Software Center, as we can see in the image bellow. Once open, click on Games.

Open the Sotware Center and click Games

In order to find gbrainy directly and faster, we can just type its name in the search bar. But when I started all this, I wasn't exactly sure what game I want to install, I was just searching for something interesting.

So, I preferred to click on All...

Click on all games

...Scroll down a lot (there are over 900 games listed). Find gbrainy, click on the Info, in order to see details related to the game.

Once the game found, click on More Info to see more
The description looks interesting, so... click Install

Read the description of the game and click Install
In Zorin OS, installing any app, even a tiny game as this one, requires the administrative privileges. That's Linux way to do things! Asking for password even for the smallest things, is a security measure. I would say, that's a small price to pay for using an operation system that's more secure than Windows.

But I tend to digress. Write the password in the field and click Authenticate.

In order to install the game write the password

The game installs...

gBrainy during the installation process
Once installed, it can be seen the path that can be followed in order to open the game.

Start - All Applications - Games - gbrainy

And this is the game! gbrainy is in fact, a collection of tests: logic puzzles, mental calculations, memory trainers and verbal analogies. All to improve mental capabilities.

gbrainy game
That's it! Enjoy the game!

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