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Thanks instead of a resolution

Annual resolution and thank you
This being my first blog post here, in the anno Domini 2015, at first, I wonted this to be some kind of resolution. And I am not talking about the TV or PC screen. No, this fancy name is given to those ambitious and long "To Do" lists that people use to write on special occasions.

But then, I've learned that over a half of the people who make resolutions fail to make them come true. The reasons are numerous and diverse and they are not the subject of this post.

Anyway, I look back at the resolutions I have made last year. Do I need to mention that I graciously fall into the category of those over 50%? Well, yes, but instead of lamenting over this, I choose to see the full half of the glass.

I really don't feel that I can move on with this blog without talking a bit about some of the things that I have accomplished and learned during the last year. I also must mention the people who have been helping me to obtain all these. Yes, I wasn't alone on my way of self-development. None of us is alone.

I am aware of the fact that most of the modern self-help books are very vocal about how the individual can reach his targets just by using his own will. But this unrealistic and overly promoted image can create the false perception that we don't need each other, we don't owe each other anything, and thus, that we don't have to give anything back. Well, that is incorrect. We are social beings, we live in collectivity. That means that we give and receive help. And this help can be of different kinds: moral, material, spiritual, emotional... you name it. Each one of us has its own list of people who have contributed to his own self-improvement. And I have my own.

During the last year - 2014 - several people have helped me one way or the other and I feel the need to mention them here because they are very much connected to some of my accomplishments. Such lists tend to be unfair because there is always someone left unmentioned, so I'll have to apologise for that.

Paper cut fancy letter T
Last year, during the springtime, I had the honour to be invited to be part of two interesting educational projects. Both of them are making baby steps - they are small projects developed in the spare time - so they should not be judged too harshly.

First one of them is, where I've wrote a short feedback that cand be found on the "People Say" (Feedback) section.

I've been giving a hand to this project mostly by testing the website and providing feedback to the owner. By feedback I mean, everything from design and graphics to website usability.

Well, in fact, this is not the first time when I give my feedback and thoughts to an admin, but this time was different, because I know the admin, he is my old friend, and he came to me to ask for my feedback on his projects.

I must say that I was both flattered by his trust in my opinion and responsibilised. And it was one very fun and interesting experience. I was testing the site and giving my opinions via chat, while the admin was working "in real time" on the other part of the globe, on another continent. That was something overwhelming and intense. Something that made me feel the world as a large and, in the same time, a very small place! Like I was feeling the planet spinning. It's hard to explain this, but this is the miracle of technology.

Paper cut fancy letter H
The second project is called StuEase.
As part of my contribution on this website, - apart of giving feedback - I've prepared two tests in the Philosophy field, more exactly, European Philosophy. So, if you are passionate about this field and wont to try your knowledge level in it, I invite you to play the tests I've created! One thing though: finding them can be a bit tricky, so, follow my directions bellow.

In order to reach my Philosophy tests, you have to go to section "Test Yourself" on StuEase website and follow the path:

Post Graduation > Philosophy > European Philosophy

Note: To solve this test or any of the other listed tests, you will have to create an account on the website. 

Now is time to disclosure the identity of the person who's behind all these projects. His name is Pradeep, (Hi and namaste!), he is from India and he has studied Medicine and coding. So, if you got any software problem, he will dissect its codes. LOL I just had to say that! 

Paper cut fancy letter AAnother friend I wont to mention here is one who likes to sign under the nickname Camy. (Salutare, tovarășa!) I wont to thank her once again trough this post for the gift she gave me. I wont to assure her that the device - an Android smartphone - is well-appreciated and I will make good use of it in my future articles. It will be my tool and source of inspiration. ;-)

Camy is my friend from Romania and she is a quite sporty and outgoing kind of person. Exactly the one you would like to hangout with in a sunny summer weekend.

Paper cut fancy letter N
Last year I've decided to deepen my knowledge in English language. I feel the need to do that, because, despite the fact that I read articles written in this language on a daily basis, I still can't get read of a lifelong feeling of uncertainty when I have to write or speak in English. Maybe I'll never do. Gosh! What am I saying?! Even now there are rare occasions when, I feel unsure of my own mother tongue (which, by the way, is in some aspects, a lot harder than English).

Also, last year I became interested in Italian, a language that wasn't initially on my list. Turned out to be a good choice. Again, reasons are not the subject of this post.

Paper-cut fancy letter KAnyway, the important thing is, that I am not alone on this road. I have been helped by a good friend of mine who's highly skilled in teaching languages... and he likes to "collect" them ;-)

His name is Fellipe (Salve magister!), he is from Brasil, and he is a teacher of languages and he has been helping me to improve my English and also, offered to teach me Italian online (with all the difficulties that comes along with on-distance teaching and the time differences). I really have to thank him for that!

Also we had several long and interesting chats over the subject of Latin language, Latinity and Neo-Latin languages. These discussions have awaken in me some old and almost dormant questions, interests and hobbies related to the linguistical field of study. And again I have to thank him for triggering that. To put it in a few words, I am really glad that I have a skilled friend that I can count on every time I am confused in this language matter.

Paper-cut fancy letter S
And last, but not at all least, I have to mention Mr. Nicolas, (Je vous remercie!) the one I owe all things I've succeed in the past two years. He is my mysterious and quiet reader of my texts and has helped and encouraged me in many ways to carry on with my writing.

I should link to one of his online profiles, but there is none that I know of. He likes to stay in the shadows (which I kinda like it, I think it's pretty cool in an old fashioned way, considering the openness required by the unwritten standards of the online presence.)

Anyway, I keep in my mind this image of him doing his researches in the most remote places of the planet...

That would be, in a sort of chronological order, my short list of some of the people I owe my gratitude to.

My future plans? Well, mostly, to continue what I've started and to embrace whatever new opportunity may appear...

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